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Get honest, authentic advice from current university students before making the most important journey of your life and let them tutor you along the way.

Connect with current university students:

  • That can speak your language and relate to your questions
  • Provide unbiased views about their university course
  • Tutor you and support your university application
  • Monitor your progress and boost your confidence
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Get honest, authentic advice from current university students before making the most important journey of your life -
and let them tutor you along the way.

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Gain a competitive edge through valuable insights from current students who have successfully made the journey to University.

You will gain a unique advantage by getting insights from current university students who have already completed the process successfully. Who else would be a better mentor than someone that has just gone through what you are about to?

The students understand the application process, can answer your questions, and advise you on optimising your university application. Having just gone through the process themselves, their knowledge and experience could be all you need to find and secure a place onto your ideal university course.

You can search and connect with student mentors studying at universities all over the globe. Alternatively, you can locate a mentor who is much closer to home who only speaks your language.

Their one-to-one mentoring and tutoring sessions include the following:

  • Recording of session for enhanced learning purposes
  • Virtual Whiteboard facility
  • Maximum interactivity through screen sharing
  • Safe and secure environment
Get an unbiased view

See What Some Current Students Really Think

Don't just go by what university marketing departments or open days are telling you; get the view from those who matter – current students like yourself. If you have any doubts about the value of a particular university, these are people that will give you an unbiased view.

Connect directly

Direct Application

Your mentor will take you step-by-step through the application process. They will provide you with hints and advice on how to draft your application to increase your chances of getting to the university you want. There is no need to spend money on hiring expensive recruitment agents.

Keep your university choices open

Keep your university options open

Connecting with mentors at the universities you prefer before applying allows you to get a wide range of advice, so you can keep your application options open. Tight application deadlines mean that it is challenging to change your mind late in the process.

University Application focus

An Applicant-focused strategy

Your mentors will support you, and your interests because they are not agents for any particular university. Therefore, you'll get unbiased and honest insights into that university.

You are their focus, and they will guide you through your journey until you find the university you want. Therefore, boost your chances of getting to the university you want by using our platform.


Our university application mentors have successfully applied to competitive university courses. They have a unique and authentic idea of what they were required to do to secure a place themselves – e.g. answering interview questions, write a personal statement or discuss current developments at their university.

Our unique platform enables you to connect with these application mentors to give you a competitive edge.

Our university mentors work specifically in your interest because you are approaching them directly for their services. Their advice is unbiased and authentic because they have your long-term interests at heart. They are not just trying to convert you into applying to or enrolling in their university.

Yes, in fact we encourage it. Having more than one mentor can provide you with advice specific to their university and their course.

This is exactly why a mentor is ideal; to assist you during your free discovery call. They have an insight into courses that no website, open day, or other representative can give. Even better, they can give this insight in a language that you (and your parents) will understand, with full regard for your cultural background.

Yes – and for a number of reasons:
i) If your offer is conditional to getting certain grades, who better to tutor you than a university student already on the same university course?
ii) The university application mentors on our platform do not work for their university, so they will not ‘sell’ you their course but give you an honest viewpoint before you enrol.
iii) Building your network of like-minded university students that are at advanced stages of their university course will not only build your community of potential friends before enrolling, but also give further insights into what you expect when you reach their stage of the course.

Our network of university mentors is growing rapidly, so it’s likely a university that’s suits your needs will be on board soon. However, in the meantime please register and we’ll notify you when they do.

Yes. However, mentors and tutors need to be over 18 and at university to apply to become a mentor or tutor on our platform.

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